Will Your Lips Go Back to Normal After Fillers?

will your lips go back to normal after fillers

Will Your Lips Go Back to Normal After Fillers?

Fillers make your lips fuller and more symmetric. However, the procedure isn’t without risks. Hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found on the surface of the skin, may cause a lump or inflammation if injected in the wrong place or too deeply. The substance will degrade in a few months to a year, and the swelling and sagging will return to normal.

After the treatment, your lips will feel numb. A plastic surgeon will usually use a numbing agent to make the process easier. Because of this, the lips may be sensitive to hot food and drink for a few days after the procedure. The procedure can last up to a year in some patients. The process can be done over many sessions to achieve the perfect look for you. While the swelling and stinging will subside within a week, you may want to avoid eating hot foods and drinks for a few days after the treatment.

After lip filler treatment, your lips will swell for up to 48 hours. If this happens, you should keep them elevated for at least 24 hours. Applying ice on your lips can provide a soothing effect. If you cannot avoid sleeping on your face, skip a workout and avoid rubbing your lips for a week after your treatment. Your lips will return to normal within a week.

Your doctor will perform a thorough examination after the fillers are completed. He or she will check them to make sure your results are the best possible. If they aren’t, you should take the time to consult a doctor immediately. This is particularly true if you have had lip enhancement surgery before. You may be surprised with the results! Even after a filler treatment, your lips may not go back to normal again.

It is important to choose the right lip filler for your needs and health. Depending on the type of filler you have, your lips may stay the same size for up to six months or more. A reputable doctor should be able to spot the areas that need touchups and will be able to tell where to do this. It is a good idea to schedule your fillers a month in advance.

After the fillers have been injected, the lips will remain swollen for up to six months. Your lips will feel swollen and tender for a day or two, but the effect will gradually diminish over time. After your lip injections are finished, you should expect to see the changes in your lips. If you had a fuller smile before the procedure, your results will last longer.