Causes And Treatment Of Skin Peeling Between Toes

skin peeling between toes

The feet take a lot of wear and tear, which can lead to some skin peeling between toes occasionally. However, skin peeling between your toes can sometimes be a sign of an infection or a skin. The skin peeling between your toes can be a variety of reason, including allergic reaction, bacterial and fungal infection, or nerve damage.


There are following condition that can cause skin peeling between toes is as follows:

  • Shoe contact dermatitis
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Trench foot
  • Dyshidrotic eczema

Shoe contact dermatitis is the first cause of skin peeling. Most people spend a lot of time wearing a pair of shoe, which contain a different type of material in which a shoe is made the material are including glue, rubber, and dyes. Sometimes the material in a shoe can irritate the feet and sometimes the shoe is very comfortable. The shoes that irritate when it wears cause allergic reaction. If irritated, the skin may become blistering and peel. A complete search was done on 18 different people related to this reaction and after study, all the participants had an allergic reaction which was probably due to the presence of a particular compound that is used during manufacturing of shoe of the certain brand. Contact dermatitis is not infectious, but a rash can spread from one area of body to another. The symptom of shoe contact dermatitis includes

  • Redness
  • Burning
  • Blisters
  • Itching

The second cause of skin peeling between toes is athlete’s foot.  Despite its name, it is not necessary that you are an athlete player then you have suffered in athlete’s foot because it is caused by a fungus that is called Trichophyton. The fungus is often present on the skin peeling and is usually harmless. It’s present in different area like moist area, locker room, showers, and public pool. So we should avoid using these areas without taking a safety precautions related to skin care. Athlete foot can affect one or both feet. It’s often starts with the smaller toes and then spreading all over the foot. The symptoms of athlete foot are:

  • Cracked skin
  • Itchiness
  • Redness
  • Dryness

The third cause of skin peeling is trenches foot. It occurs when the feet remain wet and cold whole day, it can cause tissue damage. It also damages the nerves and blood vessel which may lead to skin peeling. The symptom of this cause as follows:

  • Itching
  • scratchy
  • Pain
  • Blisters

The last cause of skin peeling is dyshidrotic eczema. It occur blisters on the fingers, toes, and the soles of feet. The condition varies from person to person; it’s cannot be passed on to other people. The blisters can last for several weeks. The symptom of this cause is following:

  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Itching


Treatment for the skin peeling between toes will depend on the basic cause. For example, if the patient has caused the skin peeling by an infection then doctor prescribes antibiotics. Other treatment recommendations are including

  • Use topical medication
  • Avoid allergens
  • Apply cool compresses


When to check a doctor:

Most people can treat skin peeling between toes at home. However, sometimes it may be necessary to check a doctor. A person should check again to the doctor if the initial treatment does not work and the following symptoms develop:

  • The skin between the toes turn into the black
  • If the red streaks appear on the feet
  • If your feet are warm to touch
  • If the person is suffering from fever or chills occur
  • A rash between the toes start to leak fluid

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