Should You Choose Laser Hair Removal Or Epilation?

Whether you want a permanent hair reduction or a quick epilation, the choice is yours. The procedure is painful and often requires several treatments over several months. However, the process is painless and does not require any downtime. The cost of a single treatment can range from PS150 to hundreds of pounds. A full body course can cost several hundreds of pounds. A professional will evaluate your skin and hair type before recommending a treatment plan.

Before selecting a device, you should determine if you want to use the device at home. While both methods remove hair, some may not be suitable for every person. Aside from the price difference, it is important to remember that a laser hair removal treatment will completely eliminate hair growth, while an epilator will reduce the growth of the hair. The pros and cons of each treatment are outlined below. Aside from the cost, the results are permanent.

If you choose a laser hair removal treatment, you’ll be able to keep shaving while undergoing the treatment. Afterwards, you won’t need to use a razor or use an epilator to remove hair again. It’s also safer than waxing and can help those with sensitive skin. And because epilation is not painful, you’ll likely have fewer ingrown hairs, rashes, and bumps.

Both methods are painful. However, laser hair removal is recommended if you have sensitive skin. You can continue shaving after your treatment and will notice fewer ingrown hairs, cuts, and rashes than if you use a razor. If you’re a regular shaver, you may find the epilator is the only solution for you. It’s a hassle-free method of removing unwanted body hair that doesn’t cause any discomfort.

A laser hair removal session may cost more, but it will be worth it in the long run. This method will prevent unwanted hair growth and will save you money in the long run. While you won’t have to visit a salon, it will take you several treatments to get the desired results. An epilator will cost you less than a laser treatment and will give you more freedom. It won’t harm your skin, but it will be less expensive than a laser treatment.

While epilation is more convenient, it does not require any downtime. After a treatment, you can still continue shaving as usual. In addition to a short-term hair-removal session, an epilator will take around eight sessions to completely remove your unwanted hair. This procedure isn’t painful but can cause irritation and bumps on the skin. You may even experience ingrown hairs. Ingrowns are common, but they don’t have to happen if you choose to undergo a laser treatment.