Lip Fillers Or Botox – Can They Fill Your Tummy?

lip fillers or botox

Lip Fillers Or Botox – Can They Fill Your Tummy?

Lip fillers or Botox are popular cosmetic injections which help you attain your overall beauty goals and improve your facial features. Both procedures are intended to eliminate the facial lines, wrinkles and sagging skin through injected filler materials into the facial muscles. This eliminates the need for chemical peels and other treatments which can also be harmful and may cause skin irritation. However, people resort to both procedures for different reasons. Some are more attracted to these treatments because of their affordability while others would prefer the procedure because they are pain-free.

The two types of these injections are known as permanent and non-permanent. Permanent fillers are made from a variety of ingredients such as bovine collagen, synthetic collagen, hyaluronic acid or polymethylmethacrylate. Non-permanent fillers are made from the amino acids arginine, glycine, premensine or hydroxycutaneous glucosamine. These ingredients have various effects on the skin depending on its structure. Thus, before dermal fillers or Botox treatments are carried out, your cosmetic physician will conduct an aesthetic-therapeutic pre-screening session to evaluate which treatment would be best suited for your facial features.

Cosmetic physicians use various methods to evaluate the facial structure and prescribe the appropriate dosage and duration of Botox or lip fillers. The method used is based on the patient’s age, overall health, preferences and other factors such as the amount of facial wrinkling or sagging that needs to be addressed. Most patients undergo three to four months of injections followed by one to two weeks of recovery. Non-permanent fillers can be used up to four months but most patients require up to six months of treatments for lasting results. The duration depends on the viscosity or thickness of the skin as well as other factors such as the amount of facial wrinkles and sagging.

To minimize the risks involved, Botox and lip fillers are administered by the cosmetic physician in a surgical suite in a hospital or medical clinic. Local anesthesia is provided for these treatments. In most cases, the patient is unaware of the procedure until the day of the procedure. There is minimal post-operative pain and the only discomfort that may be felt is due to local injection of the botulinum toxin. There are usually no contraindications or allergies with regards to diet or medications. Generally, patients are able to resume normal activities three to four days following the munching of a pill.

The benefits of Botox and lip fillers are that they provide permanent solutions to facial lines. These procedures are performed over four months to achieve the desired results. The injected substance gradually reduces the size of the facial wrinkles. It takes between eight to twelve weeks for these treatments to show their effects.

When you receive one of these treatments from your cosmetic surgeon, the result can be a forehead that looks larger, a thinner chin, or a more youthful, oval face. However, these results do not last forever. You will have to have these procedures performed again within a couple of months to achieve a wrinkle free look. The bottom line is that lip and frown lift surgeries are designed to give you the appearance you want at a price you can afford.