Laser Hair Removal For PCOS

Laser hair removal for PCOS patients is a great option to treat excess body and facial hair. With treatment, the excess hair will reduce quickly, which will improve a woman’s self-confidence. Because PCOS triggers hair growth, women with the condition typically require more sessions. Typically, women with PCOS need 10 to 12 sessions to remove hair. This is because the hair grows back faster than it does on healthy women.

Laser hair removal for PCOS is a safe and effective solution to the problems associated with this condition. The hair will grow back in a few weeks, unlike electrolysis which can take hours to complete. The procedure is a quick, comfortable treatment that can offer permanent results. While it is still important to consult a physician before undergoing treatment, a doctor’s appointment will last a couple of hours.

Laser hair removal for PCOS is the best treatment for hair growth associated with this condition. The procedure will reduce the amount of hair growth while thinning it out. A typical session usually involves six to eight treatments, though this number can vary from person to person. Because the process is performed by a medical professional, there is no need for pain during the procedure. The lasers will destroy the hair follicle and never grow back.

The treatment can reduce the growth of unwanted body hair in women with PCOS. The process has very little downtime and can be completed in a single day. Patients are advised to avoid sun exposure and exercise 48 hours before the procedure. In addition, they should not use exfoliating body lotions or scrubs. These products are also not effective on skin that has been treated with laser hair removal for PCOS. So, women with PCOS should consider laser hair removal for this condition.

Laser hair removal for PCOS is a great option for women with this condition because it is painless and is more affordable than electrolysis. In addition to face and underarm areas, PCOS sufferers can benefit from the treatment for the legs, stomach, and cheeks. Moreover, many clinics have specialized equipment for PCOS patients and offer flexible payment plans. The cost of a PCOS treatment will depend on the extent of the unwanted hair, and the amount of the skin to be treated.

As long as there is a positive hormonal level, the procedure for PCOS can help with unwanted hair on the face and other parts of the body. The hair is treated only in the melanin of the hair. This means that the procedure for PCOS can only be used on the face, chest, stomach, and back. As long as a woman’s hormone levels are in normal range, the treatment is a great option for reducing unwanted body hair.