How to Make Cheek Fillers Last Longer

how to make cheek fillers last longer

The first thing to know about cheek fillers is that they wear off faster in areas of the face that have more activity. Thinner and stronger muscles are less prone to rubbing together, so neurotoxins don’t last as long in such areas. For this reason, cheek fillers are usually placed in areas with less activity, such as the lips or cheeks. But fillers placed in the tear troughs and deep in the cheeks will last longer.

Dermal fillers are temporary cosmetic procedures that provide stunning results without the risk of surgery. But the problem is that they gradually break down and need to be reapplied after a few months. The good news is that there are ways to extend the time between cheek fillers without going under the knife again. The half-life of your filler depends on several factors, including the type of dermal filler, the location of injection, the amount of filler used, and your own metabolism.

Another important tip for making your fillers last longer is to limit your exposure to the sun. The sun is one of the leading causes of wrinkles, so it’s important to limit your exposure to the sun. Overexposure to the sun also increases the risk of skin cancer and premature aging. To prolong the life of your filler, always wear a wide-brimmed hat and wear protective clothing.

In addition to avoiding stressful situations, one of the best ways to maintain your filler is to visit your aesthetician regularly for regular maintenance treatments. Massaging products containing hyaluronic acid in the area with your filler can help it last longer. But you should avoid excessive stress afterward. If you’re looking for subtle changes, then go for a smooth gel product. Your facial plastic surgeon will be able to add just enough filler to maintain your beautiful aesthetic.

Another tip is to choose a good injector. Sculptra, a product made of poly-L-lactic acid, doesn’t create immediate results. Instead, it builds collagen in the cheek area over the course of a few months. However, a good injector should be able to give you natural-looking plump in the cheek area. It is essential to do your homework before having a filler procedure, as one of the most common facial aesthetic problems is an incorrect choice.

Choosing the right dermal fillers is critical if you want to keep your cheeks looking youthful for a longer period of time. Cheek fillers cost about $915 per syringe. Compared to more invasive plastic surgery, cheek fillers are an affordable, safe solution to the appearance of sagging cheeks. The results of these procedures are temporary, but they can be tweaked to suit your needs.