How to Achieve Permanent Results

Microdermabrasion of acne scars involves the use of a thin, diamond-shaped microdermabrasion machine that is capable of removing the top layer of skin and allowing new, fresh skin to grow in its place. Microdermabrasion is ideal for treating mild to moderate scarring caused by acne or aging. The method has proven very effective in treating scarring left behind from acne and also has been recommended as an alternative to chemical peels or dermabrasion. In microdermabrasion for scars, a thin, diamond-shaped microdermabrasion machine is used to remove the top layer of the skin using a pulsating jet of water. The outer layers of skin are not damaged and, in fact, can even be further improved with the application of skin-lightening cream.

Microdermabrasion of acne scars is most effective for people suffering from depressed, aged or otherwise pitted acne scarring. However, it doesn’t work the same way for ice pick acne scars or those left over from sun damage. It’s a safe, efficient and convenient process which is carried out by an aesthetician, dermatologist or other skin expert and is usually done in less than 20 minutes (with a tiny pinch and tingle) and is done in the office. Results are evident in as little as eight to sixteen weeks depending on the condition of the scarred area.

One of the main advantages of microdermabrasion is that it can naturally eliminate wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. Sun damage and fine lines are a result of the lack of collagen in the skin, so this helps to improve the elasticity and smoothness of the skin. The healing time is variable, but can take several months to see visible results. For acne scarring, microdermabrasion will reduce the size of the acne and remove the dark spots caused by the bacteria present in the wound. The acne scars also become less noticeable, as there is less discoloration and damage to the skin, and eventually the skin texture is restored to its former smoothness.

Microdermabrasion of acne scars is a safer way of treating this kind of scarring than using acid peeling or dermabrasion because there is no risk of damage to the skin and the chance of over-sensitivity to the chemicals used. The skin care products are completely safe to use, and don’t cause any damage. This treatment is also considered gentler than other skin care treatments. Most people experience moderate to minor redness or irritation at the site of treatment, and the redness typically fades within days. However, a little pain and discomfort is normal during the first few days of the treatment, and then the redness and irritation should subside gradually.

Microdermabrasion is usually done with a hand-held unit that uses a fine crystal to polish off the dead skin cells, which in turn removes the scar tissue. The dead skin cells are then sloughed off by a specialist who uses special hand tools to carefully make small incisions in the scar tissue to allow it to be removed by the patient. Typically, one facelift will take about an hour and a half to complete. There may be a few additional visits to have the final paperwork completed and the scars reduced. In most cases, however, the appearance of the scar will not be altered when a facelift is performed on a regular basis.

Microdermabrasion can provide lasting results for those who are frustrated by the appearance of their wrinkles and fine lines. In addition, microdermabrasion can also improve the look of the skin where it is used. Wrinkles and lines can be minimized and the formation of new wrinkles and lines can be prevented. The skin will retain more moisture after microdermabrasion, resulting in fewer instances where the skin becomes dry and flaky. Another benefit of using this method is that it reduces the need for collagen injections to maintain younger looking skin, as well as reducing the incidence of scarring where there was none to begin with.