How Long Does It Take For Sclerotherapy to Work?

Sclerotherapy is a treatment for visible spider veins. Before the procedure, the patient should be in good health. They should disclose any previous blood clots, including those that occurred after pregnancy or childbirth. Smoking can affect the healing process and cause cardiovascular problems, so it is best to stop smoking prior to the procedure. The doctor will discuss the number of treatments required to achieve desired results. It is also important to note that new spider veins may develop after sclerotherapy.

how long does it take for sclerotherapy to work

Patients undergoing sclerotherapy should expect mild bruising, stinging, and swelling after the procedure. It is best to avoid strenuous activity for the next two weeks. After undergoing the procedure, patients should avoid aerobic activities for several days. The treatment should also be avoided for about a month after the procedure. The effects will last for many years, so patients are encouraged to undergo it as often as possible.

After sclerotherapy, the veins may respond within three to six weeks. For larger veins, it can take up to four months. In many cases, veins that respond to sclerotherapy won’t reappear, but new ones may appear at the same rate. A second session may be necessary after the first one. It’s important to note that insurance coverage differs by condition. Some insurance carriers cover the procedure for medical issues but won’t reimburse it if it’s only for cosmetic purposes. Before scheduling an appointment, contact your insurance company and be sure to bring along a letter from your physician.

A sclerotherapy session usually takes thirty minutes, depending on the condition of the veins. Patients are advised to wear loose clothing and no lotion on their legs. Afterwards, patients can go about their daily activities. For the first few days, they should avoid vigorous workouts and heavy lifting. Once the session is complete, the pain is minimal. If any bruising or swelling occurs, they should take a day off and wear compression garments.

During a sclerotherapy session, the salt solution is injected directly into the vein using a very fine needle. This procedure is typically painless and usually takes 15 to 30 minutes. Depending on the severity of the veins, a single session may take up to three months. The results will last up to four weeks or more, depending on the condition.

Once the procedure is completed, the patient can return to their normal activities. While they should avoid strenuous activity for the first two weeks, it is safe to exercise and resume most of your daily activities. However, strenuous exercise should be avoided for up to six weeks after sclerotherapy. So, how long does it take for sclorotherapy to work?