Author: Paul Perry

How Long Does Female Rejuvenation Last?

One of the most common questions for women is, “How long does female rejuvenation last?” The answer depends on the procedure performed. Energy-based procedures, such as laser vaginal rejuvenation, take several sessions to achieve the desired results. Patients should not resume sexual activity for at least a week following the procedure. After undergoing the procedure, […]

Do Hand Fillers Work For Fingers?

Do Hand Fillers Work For Fingers? When you think of hand fillers, you might automatically imagine the elongated, youthful look of their skin. However, the process of hand injection is different than that. This procedure requires a physician to make careful assessments and determine your individual needs. While some dermal fillers can cause swelling and […]

What Are HydraFacials Good For?

What Are HydraFacials Good For? Whether you want to improve your skin’s appearance or minimize sunspots, the HydraFacial has many benefits. This procedure is fast, safe, and convenient, so it’s a great way to treat yourself. Le Reve Skincare & Laser Center is a Fort Worth clinic that offers HydraFacials. To learn more about the […]

HydraFacial Vs Microdermabrasion For Acne

HydraFacial Vs Microdermabrasion For Acne There are many benefits to hydrafacial, and these include the ability to thoroughly cleanse the skin. The procedure is non-aggressive, and the result is a more rejuvenated look. It also uses a patented spiral tip to deliver hydrating serums to the skin. Although it is more expensive than microdermabrasion, the […]