Author: Paul Perry

Choosing a Treatment For Focal Hyperhidrosis

When choosing a treatment for your focal hyperhidrosis, consider the options that are most suitable for your condition. Botulinum toxin injections, prescription antiperspirants, and surgery are three common options. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of each. And remember, no treatment will ever cure your condition completely. But it can help you […]

Treatments For Generalized Hyperhidrosis

Although there is no known cure for generalized hyperhidrosis, some medications can help alleviate symptoms. Opioids, SSRIs, and Polyneuropathies are some examples. However, if you’re looking for a more permanent solution to your problem, you may want to look into other treatment options. Listed below are the most common treatments for generalized hyperhidrosis. The best […]

Which Laser Hair Removal is Best For Face?

You’ve probably heard about IPL and Tria Beauty, but which is the best face hair laser treatment? The answer to this question will depend on the area being treated, your budget, and your desired results. Here, we will compare the advantages and disadvantages of these three laser hair removal technologies. In addition, we’ll explain how […]

How Laser Hair Removal Side Effects Differ From Other Hair Removal Procedures

You may be wondering how laser hair removal side effects differ from other types of hair removal. There are several side effects that you may experience during the procedure, and these may include scabbing, crusting, and burns. Some people may experience darker pigmentation, while others will have a more even complexion. These side effects typically […]

Stinging After Laser Hair Removal Or IPL

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is used to reduce body hair. But the beam is not collimated and spreads widely, decreasing its effectiveness. Hence, stinging is common after IPL. Here are some alternatives to this procedure. Moreover, they are cheaper, safer, and less painful. For further information, read the following articles: stinging sensation after laser hair […]

What You Should Know About Botox For Hyperhidrosis

People suffering from excessive sweating find it embarrassing and causes social, emotional, and professional problems. But there is a solution: Botox for hyperhidrosis. FDA-approved, Botox injections temporarily turn off sweat glands in the skin, giving people a normal, dry appearance. This procedure requires no special care and has few, if any, side effects. Several clinical […]

Will Laser Hair Removal Help Folliculitis?

If you suffer from folliculitis, laser hair removal may be a good option. This condition is an irritation of the hair follicles. It may be painful, itchy, and irritating. While most cases are mild and resolve on their own within a few days, more serious cases require medical intervention. The worse the condition is, the […]

Laser Hair Removal Without Goggles

If you’re thinking about getting a treatment for laser hair removal, but you’re not sure what goggles to wear, here are some tips for you: Side effects, Complications, Safety glasses, and Treatment intervals. These tips will help you choose the best procedure for your needs. Read on to find out more. Read on to learn […]

Chemical Peel For Large Pores

Among the many types of chemical peels available to treat your large pores, mandelic acid is the best choice for this condition. Mandelic acid is derived from bitter almonds. People with large pores are highly sensitive to chemicals, so you need to talk with your doctor about possible contraindications. You should stop taking Retin-A at […]